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Holiday Pikachu Themed Sculpture

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Holiday Pikachu themed sculpture. Made of polymer clay and resin. Handmade product, due to this each might differ slightly in look.

Size: 1.25 inches tall, 1.25 inches wide

NOTE: Each one of these is decorated differently. Please note the packages might be different colors, and it might have a hat or holly.

Care Instructions

Resin - resin is water resistant, NOT waterproof. A soft towel or sponge with soapy water is enough to keep them clean and safe for long term use. - Use microfiber to shine.

Polymer Clay - Always store jewelry in a cool and dry box to prevent scratches or breakage. Avoid contact with makeup, hair products and perfume as it may stain the jewelry. Avoid contact with alcohol as it may dissolve the polymer clay.

NOTE: All our products are made with durable material, but can still break with mishandling. Please handle with care.