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In depth Tarot reading

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Full length tarot reading for a question or topic of your choice.

Please include what you would like the topic of the reading to be in the note section on the order page. If no question is asked, you will be sent an email to clarify what type of reading you would like and if no response is received within 24 hours of the reading request you will receive a general reading.

All readings will be emailed to the email on file so please include your email either in the note section or the check out information. If no email is provided you will receive an instant refund.

Please note this is not a physical item, however if you would like an item in our shop to be charged with the energy from the reading please add the item to your cart as well as the reading and include in the notes for the item that you would like your reading energy added to it.


All reading are done by Tara Dunn of Marshmallow Sisters, an intuitive, dream worker, sculptor and spirit keeper.

Care Instructions

Resin - resin is water resistant, NOT waterproof. A soft towel or sponge with soapy water is enough to keep them clean and safe for long term use. - Use microfiber to shine.

Polymer Clay - Always store jewelry in a cool and dry box to prevent scratches or breakage. Avoid contact with makeup, hair products and perfume as it may stain the jewelry. Avoid contact with alcohol as it may dissolve the polymer clay.

NOTE: All our products are made with durable material, but can still break with mishandling. Please handle with care.